Project Woods is a nature collective that connect you with nature.

Nicole Cormier is a Registered Dietitian, author, blogger and local food enthusiast. She is owner of the nutrition counseling company, Delicious Living Nutrition, Inc., inspiring each client to connect to their food sources and improve their whole health. Her passion for community and the local food movement led her to her podcast, blog and programs, Nutrition from the Ground Up, and to become the co-owner of The Local Juice & Market. She enjoys collaborating with local farmers, intuitive cooking, yoga, meditation, gardening and of course CAMPING. 

Becky Nadeau lives in Brooklyn, New York and is an acupressure (marma) practitioner and a professional event planner focusing on high-touch events. While working in a fast-paced environment, she finds practicing Ayurveda brings balance to her lifestyle.  She continues her training in acupressure therapy in India with Dr. Madhusudan Ray and in the states with Damian Hagglund. Additionally, she is a Vedic Meditator and practices energy healing at the Satyalesary Cosmic Energy Center in Varanasi India.  Becky loves cooking and locally sourcing her food and you can find her on most weekends retreating from the city and playing outside.